Standard Chartered Bank New HQ: The successful completion

Standard Chartered Bank

The successful completion of the Standard Chartered Bank new headquarters in Cairo Festival City marks a significant milestone for the financial institution’s expansion and presence in the Egyptian market. As we conclude our work on this project, we must express that it was truly a pleasure for our team to be involved. From the initial stages through the final delivery of results, every aspect of this project has been rewarding.

We want to express our appreciation to the entire team that collaborated on this outstanding project. First of all, to Dr Boutros Klink, Ebrahim AlShakhoori, FMP, MCR, Alaa eldin Elbackly, Mathew Lamb, Sara Morsi of Standard Chartered Bank for their professionalism and dedication.

It was a privilege to work alongside Gensler, whose creative vision and design expertise were instrumental in bringing this project to life.

Equally deserving of recognition is PCP (Pinnacle Construction Projects), the main contractor on the project. Their dedication to quality and meticulous execution ensured a smooth construction process and a final product that exceeded expectations.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the outstanding project management provided by JLL Ahmed Hawash. Their ability to keep the project on track, manage deadlines effectively, and navigate any unforeseen circumstances was nothing short of impressive.

The success of this project is a testament to the exceptional teamwork, expertise, and dedication of each member involved.

Project Owner: Standard Chartered Bank
Design Consultant: Gensler
MEP Consultant: RVT Engineering
Project Management: JLL
Construction Supervision: T.H.E Architects, Planners & Civil Engineers
Contractor: PCP (Pinnacle Construction Projects)