Quality Policy

Quality Policy

In T.H.E we feel that our clients are our most critical and essential judges of the quality of our services. With this in mind, we take a pro-active approach to quality issues, constantly improving our business performance both in Egypt and abroad to cater to our clients’ needs.

T.H.E is committed to:

  • Provision of excellent A/E services that consistently meet client requirements and expectations;
  • Ensuring that our work complies with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements of our industry;
  • Continuous improvement in the manner and quality by which we deliver our services. 
  • Our main objective is to ensure that services rendered to our clients are always of the best quality and by all means consistent with our corporate culture. 

T.H.E will adhere to this Policy by:

  • Carefully selecting employees and associates to ensure that their education, experience and attitude are aligned with our commitment to quality.
  • Providing a learning environment that actively encourages and supports the growth and development of employees.
  • Advancing our global capabilities by sharing our experiences, knowledge and resources among and between consulting practices and offices.
  • Enhancing our global business systems to meet international standards.
  • Exploring new technologies and methodologies, embracing these where relevant.
  • Building synergistic relationships with appropriate strategic partners.
  • Seeking and acting on client feedback for projects. 
  • Measuring our progress against meaningful targets.
  • Setting and reviewing quality objectives annually as a form of continual improvement.
  • Reviewing the Quality Policy for suitability from time to time.

The company’s principals and staff fully apply all measures that are required to diligently abide with all the specifications of the Quality Policy. We ensure the achievement of such pursuits by way of:

  • Acquainting all T.H.E employees with the terms of our Quality policy.
  • Hosting information and awareness events for the staff.
  • Directly communicate to T.H.E’s staff notices on issues relevant to the Quality policy.

The Principals have ultimate responsibility for the implementation of the Quality Policy within the business and will review the Policy when the need arises.

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