Key People

Tarik Fathy

Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning
University of Southern California, USA


B.Sc. in Architecture
Cairo University


Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers, Architects’ Branch

Egyptian Engineers Association, Planners’ Group

America Planning Association - Member

Egyptian American Organization -  Board Member & President, 1990-1992

Telecommuting Advisory Council of USA, 1989

Alexandria Library Foundation, L.A. - Founder member

Alfenon Al-Arabia, L.A.

Who’s who Among Arab Americans

Urban Planning Authority - Consultant

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Consultant

Egyptian Society of Architects

Egyptian society of Consulting Engineer

Federation of Engineering Institution Of Islamic Countries

Egyptian Diplomatic Club

Sakkara Rotary Club - Founder & Member

American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt - Member


Ministry of Education Cairo, Egypt. Award of Excellence

ElSabah International Construction Firm Kuwait and Egypt

Planners’ Circle grant. The Visual Analysis of Down Town, L.A, 1984

First prize in architectural design contest for the British International School, Giza, Egypt, 1979

Academic Activities



University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA

Research assistant to Prof. P. Gordon, T. Banarjee, and L. Wingo in grant for Earthquake Mitigation Policies. School of Urban and Regional Planning, 1985

El-Nil Research, Beverly Hills, California

Research Associate for ethnographic film El-Sobou’ Birth ritual in Egypt, 1986

Research Associate for ethnographic film El-Mouled, 1989

International Concept Design Competition for Information City Kawazaki, Japan. Principal investigation with Prof. L. Wingo and Prof. O. El-Sawy on The High-Touch Telecity: Kawazaki City of the Future, 1986

University of Southern California 

Research Assistant, 1987

Research Assistant to Prof. D. Cuff for the American Institute of Architect' Manual, 1987

Principal Investigator on “The Impact of New Information Technologies on City Form Land Structure “, sponsored by Center of Telecommunication Management and School of Urban and Regional Planning, 1988

Land Selection for Ismaily Community, 1990




Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt

Vienna Conference, 2004

Teaching in Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management. Three courses in interior design, 1978 – 1983

University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA

Teaching assistant to Prof. K. McHugh for PLUS 275g Environment and Behavior. School of Urban and Regional Planning, 1985

Teaching assistant to Prof. J. Wolch for PLUS 508 Political Economy and Planning. School of Urban and Regional Planning, 1985

Teaching assistant to Prof. Habe for Urban Design Lab.  PLUS 676 L. to develop an evaluation to Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency's Housing Development Guideline, 1986

Lecturer Micro-Computer Applications for Planner PLUS 499, 1987 




Cairo University, Egypt

School of Urban and Regional Planning Series of Lectures on City of the Future, Critical Approach, since 1994

Ministry of Development New Communities Series Of Planning Lecture. Cairo, Egypt, since 1994

University of South California, Los Angeles, USA

Lecturer, Combining Campus Architecture in the Social Context, School of Business Administration's workshop about Developing Campus Information Systems, 1986


INTA 20 Annual World Congress, Cairo, New Urban Communities: Past Experience and Future Responses, Information  Technology: Rethinking Mobility, Transport, and Quality of Life. 1996

ACSP conference, Los Angeles City of the Future: New Approach of Futures Studies in Planning. 1987

USC/ Berkeley workshop on Planning Methodologies Cross Cultures: Are They Transferable? 1987

American Society for Mechanical Engineers International  Conference, Congress of Urban and Regional Planning;  Information Technologies and City Form. 1987

ACSP Conference, Milwaukee Co-author, Physical Area  Analysis: An Approach to Classify Urban Setting. 1986

ACSP Conference, Milwaukee The Impact of New Information, Technologies on City Form. 1986    

InterBuild (1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006)


“Technology and City Form: Cities of Information Society”, New York, 1991

Tarik Fathy, Ph.D.

Principal & Founder

principal of T.H.E since foundation, he established the firm in Cairo after receiving his degree in Architecture from Cairo University in 1977. First fulfillment of the Master Degree in City Planning equivalent to Diploma in City Planning from the Faculty of Engineering, department of Architecture in 1979 – 1981. Coping professional practice with academic study during his early years in Egypt, he moved with his brother Hisham to the USA to get their doctorates in Urban and Regional Planning, from University of Southern California in 1988.

At research field, he held many studies and held many positions at University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA, as Research assistant to professors P. Gordon, T. Banarjee, and L. Wingo in grant for Earthquake Mitigation Policies. Above all, he attended School of Urban and Regional Planning in 1985 and was a Research Assistant to Professor D. Cuff for the American Institute of Architect Manual in 1987.

Achieving genuine research in planning and academic study didn’t stop his aspiration in promoting his practice. He held the position of teaching assistant at University of Southern California and lectured at many special topics. In 1987, he started a branch of the firm in Cairo to enlarge T.H.E scope of professional practice.

However, being involved in his career didn’t prevent him from sharing social responsibilities through various none-profit organizations. Tarik participated in establishing several cultural organizations in the west. He was listed in the “Who’s Who Arab Americans” since 1991.

Tarik Fathy

Sky is the limit

Establishing international engineering practice with limitless ambitions for generations to come.