Hisham Fathy

Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Planning
University of Southern California, USA


B.Sc. in Architecture
Cairo University


Egyptian Syndicate for Engineers, Architects’ branch

Egyptian Engineers Association, Planners’ group

Society of Egyptian Architects

America Planning Association

Egyptian American Organization

Board member of El-Nil Research for Ethnographic Films. 198

Middle East Studies Association

Organization committee for ACSP conference

Egyptian syndicate for engineers, Architects’ council & Supreme Council

Steering Committee of Inter Build International Conference. 1994 – 2009

Planning Consultant, Urban Planning Organization. 1994 – 2009

Board member of El Sedique Society for social Development (NGO). 1995 – 2005

Egyptian Diplomatic Club

Egyptian society of Engineering Consultants

German-Arab Chamber for Industry and Commerce

Planning Consultant, Tourism Development  Agency

Board member of the Society to Support Engineering Arbitration

Federation of Engineering Institution of Islamic Countries

Executive board member of “Bayan” association

Member Board of Trustees of the Arab International

Organization to rebuild Gaza

Academic Activities



University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA

Research assistant to Prof. P. Gordon, T. Banarjee, and L. Wingo in grant for Earthquake Mitigation Policies. School of Urban and Regional Planning, 1985

El-Nil Research, Beverly Hills, California

Research Associate for ethnographic film El-Sobou’ Birth ritual in Egypt, 1986

Cairo University / MIT Giza, Egypt and Cambridge, Mass. USA

Research assistant for The Housing and Construction Industry in Egypt: Improvement of Interior Finishing for the Housing

Construction Industry Researches, 1981




University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA

Lecturer of PLUS 499 Special Topics THE ISLAMIC CITY: A Cultural Approach to the City Form. School of Urban and Regional Planning, 1986 – 1988

Teaching assistant to Prof. L. Wingo for PLUS 605 Advanced Planning Theory II. School of Urban and Regional Planning, 1985 – 1988

Teaching assistant to Prof. L. Wingo for PLUS 200g

Foundations of Contemporary Public Affairs

School of Urban and Regional Planning, 1985                                                 

Teaching assistant to Dean A. Kreditor for PLUS 601 Advanced Planning Theory I. School of Urban and Regional Planning, 1986

Teaching assistant to Prof. W. Baer for PLUS 599 Special Topics Housing in comparative perspective: U.S., Europe, and The Third World. School of Urban and Regional Planning, 1985               




University of South California,

Combining Campus Architecture in the Social Context, 1986

California State University, Pomona, California

History of Islamic City, 1986

California State University, Long Beach, California      

Architectural Perspective for Urban Life and Its Problems, 1987

Urban Planning Organization, Egypt

Series of lectures, since 1994


Middle East Studies Association Annual Conference, Beverly Hills, A Theory for the Islamic City. 1988

Planning and Social Reality ACSP conference, Los Angeles. 1987

Middle East Studies Association Annual Conference, Baltimore, The Islamic City Revisited. 1987

USC/Berkeley Workshop on Planning Methodologies Cross Cultures: Are They Transferable? 1987

American Society for Mechanical Engineers International, Conference, Congress of Urban and Regional Planning, Ethics and Political Thought. 1987

ACSP Conference, Milwaukee, Co-author, Physical Area Analysis: An Approach to classify Urban setting. 1986


AMSE proceedings – International Congress in Urban and Regional Planning, Boston, Mass, USA. 

Ethics and Political thought: A Search in Ideology and Religion. 1987 

Alam Elbena, Cairo, Egypt Co-author, The Visual Analysis of Old Cairo Islamic District Cairo University / MIT, Cairo, Egypt. 1983

Publications Report: The Housing and Construction Industry in Egypt: Improvement of Interior Finishing. 1981

University of California, Los Angeles, Is There an Islamic Solution to Urban Problems?  1990

Hisham Fathy, Ph.D.

Principal & Founder

principal and founder of T.H.E. He graduated from Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, Architectural Department, in 1977. First fulfillment of the Master Degree in City Planning, equivalent to Diploma in City Planning from the Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture in 1979-1981.

Dr. Hisham Fathy has a profound interest in arts and design. He has broadened his knowledge by independent research and formal studies. As a result, it helped him earn his doctorate in Planning from school of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Southern California in 1988. His academic and research experience is in the fields of Public Policy Evaluation, Planning Theory, and Islamic City. He wrote his dissertation on “The Social Reality Approach to Planning: Application to Islam”. In these issues he lectured and taught in several American universities. For instance, he held the position of teaching assistant at University of Southern California and lectured at many special topics.

Dr. Hisham Fathy is active in professional volunteer work. He has been a board member of the last elected board of The Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers and participated in all professional engineering groups in Egypt. He is a member of APA, MESA, and ASCP in the USA. Dr. Hisham contributed to the professional life by enhancing the activities of Interbuild International Conference for seven years where he was a member of the steering committee.

During his career, he took part in various conferences and events and enjoyed a membership in many public organizations and societies.

Hisham Fathy

Knowledge is Power

Acquiring continuous knowledge empowers the team for a vibrant practice. Symbolic architecture is my passion.