Key People

Mohamed Abdel Hady

B.Sc. in Architecture - Cairo University

Key Projects

Al Hayah University

OUIA New Horizon

Badr University

Amira Resort

Shifaa Al Orman Hospital

Arabia Pavilion

Al Hosary School

Egyptian Diplomatic Club

Niger University


Member of Egyptian Syndicate of Engineers

Certified Consultant

Mohamed Abdel Hady, B.Sc.

Architecture Department Head

Mohamed Abdel Hady joined T.H.E as a fresh graduate in 1996 and worked hard to move up his career ladder from Junior Architect to Senior and finally become the Head of Architecture Department in 2011.

In 1997 he graduated from the Architectural Department of faculty of Engineering, Cairo University. Mohamed is a powerful force in the workplace and uses his positive attitude and tireless energy to encourage others to work hard and succeed.

In addition to his prime job functions, he has significant experience in Project Management. Mohamed participated in the majority of the company key projects as an Architecture Lead and has always been an inspiring mentor for his team members.