Thebes Integrated School

Client: Dr. Sedique Afifi

Location: 27 km Cairo – Ismailia Desert Road

Scope of Services:

Pre-Design Process

Conceptual Design

Working Drawings

Infrastructure Design

Tender Documents



Integrated Thebes is a co-educational day school that was established in 1990. It is situated at Ismailia Desert Road in the area of 12 feddans, creating an “oasis” of calm, clean and innovative environment.

In addition to the educational content, the school takes pride its extracurricular activities, its unmatched indoor and outdoor facilities that set the school for a wide range of activities including various sports, arts and crafts, music, computer, drama, fun days, cultural functions, horse-back riding, croquet, etc.

The school is a vivid model of the future of educational institution in the third world countries, which blends technological advances and invaluable heritage of the past. The site is dictated a parallel arrangement of buildings. Creating a place with modern function, construction methods, materials and constrained budget in an ancient Egyptian style was the main challenge.

We claim that the outcome of this experience turned out to be very fruitful on both levels educational and architectural. In this project, we laid a new method for interpreting our local heritage into a new language simplified, less expensive but still clear and indicating one.