Omar Center

Client: Omar Foundation at Southern California

Location: Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Scope of Services:

Pre-Design Process

Conceptual Design


There are two institutions within this project:


Omar Art and Research Center is composed of several well-integrated design zones, on a lot of 1200 sq.m. to be integrated with the university of Southern California, L.A., museums, and exposition parks. This center is to serve citizens, scholars and students on local, national, and international levels on general and specific studies.

The project consists of five activity zones. Research Library: includes information and circulation area, reading, and music halls. Exhibit: includes the main exhibit at the atrium, display hall, and meeting rooms. Learning Center: includes computer classes, bilingual language labs, and Administration offices. Research Quarter: includes eight scholar study units, research assistant rooms. Supporting Elements and Services: that includes book receiving and storage, copy and word processing center, and gardens.


Omar Youth Center: As a part of the vision of Omar Foundation plan, they offered a well-defined center for community and Muslim on an area of 3000 sq.m. The purpose of the center is to develop the physical fitness, emotional wellness, and intellectual skills of the community youth. The project consists of four sets of activities: Educational facilities include classrooms, computer labs, teachers rooms.