Architect Team Leader

8-10 years of experience

Job Description

Architect Team Leader is primarily in charge of overseeing architectural projects. They manage a team of architects, set guidelines and timelines, lead the meetings with clients to identify their needs and preferences, and review plans and concepts.


  • Revise and study project drawings, and determine, in coordination with Project Manager, relevant staffing needs to fulfill the design/shop-drawing related aspects of the project efficiently and effectively.
  • Compare the project’s architectural and civil drawings to identify any gaps or conflicts, coordinate with Engineering Coordinator to tackle those issues.
  • Conduct frequent meetings with the project’s client/consultant to coordinate the project’s architectural needs and requirements, solve any problems, or clarify technical issues.
  • Support and supervise Junior Shop Drawing engineers (in head office and on site) to provide technical assistance and/or review, verify, and check drawings, forms, and designs.
  • Prepare technical shop drawings, whenever required, on paper and digital format that respond to set technical specifications and quality standards, and conform to recognized procedures.
  • Liaise with projects’ sites teams to identify common inquiries, and send Request For Information (RFIs) for the project consultant, to seek clarification regarding technical specifications and requirements.
  • Conduct an initial Quantity Survey (QS) to support the Procurement department in determining the needed quantities to plan for subcontractors’ deals; and provide clarification for QS team on site whenever needed.
  • Write and submit a monthly report for each project to the Project Manager and/or Engineering Manager to monitor and evaluate the project’s technical progress and performance with regards to Shop Drawing and Design.
  • Report to the Project Manager and/or Engineering Manager, on frequent basis, the project’s technical progress and performance with regards to Shop Drawing and Design.
  • Liaise with Senior Contracts & Invoices Engineer to provide relevant information needed for setting up and formulating contracts.
  • Obtain and assemble all technical information, data, and drawings needed from relevant departments for full coordination of Shop Drawing across the Civil/Structure, Architectural, and Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) architectural designs.
  • Responsible for the coordination between all disciplines.​

Education & Experience

  • B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree in architecture
  • Understanding of how the BIM process applies from start to finish of the project
  • Knowledge of related software: Autodesk  Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, Adobe Suite, and 3D Tools.
  • Previous experience is required.

Key Skills

  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Creative thinking
  • Excellent presentation abilities
  • Management and leadership skill